Skopje Running Tours

New in the city? Visiting Skopje for whatever reason and you want to take a run and explore the main landmarks at the same time?

We are the team for you.

Discover the city in an easy pace.
We adapt our tour on your pace! There will be explanation about the important sights we pass.
While doing this you got time to catch your breath if needed, or simply to stop for a photo.

Book a tour with us and discover more. A tour in an elegant speed, running from one interesting place to the other.


♦ Gate Macedonia (start point)
♦ Parliament Building
♦ Born House of Mother Teresa
♦ Macedonia square (Alexander the Great Fountain)
♦ Stone Bridge
♦ Fortress Kale
♦ Old Town / Skopje Old Bazaar
♦ Old Trail Station (Museum of City of Skopje


Skopje Old Bazaar

Start & finish: Skopje main Square (Macedonia Square) or your hotel if it’s on the way of the tour
Duration: 1 hour to 1:30 minutes
Max. kilometers: 7-10


Another possibility is the ‘green tour’ where we make a slightly longer tour through the forests of the mountain of Vodno which will take around 7km uphills on trail road.

Start & finish: Mother Teresa Clinical Center bus stop
Duration: ~ 2 to 3 hours (with rest at the top of the mountain Vodno)
Max. kilometers: 7-10


The longest ‘trail tour’ is the option to run through the forests of the mountain of Vodno and continue to run on trail road to Canyon Matka, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Skopje.

Start & finish: Mother Teresa Clinical Center bus stop
Duration: ~ 5 hours (depends of the pace and the stops we make on the way)
Max. kilometers: ~18km

Skopje City Park

Skopje City Park

All tours include small gift from us and Souvenirs from Skopje 🎁


skopje souvenir

Souvenirs from Skopje t-shirt

– drinks afterwards: interaction and sociability are one of our highest priorities!
– shop additional souvenir of Skopje landmarks from our partner Souvenirs from Skopje with runners only discount.

The tours would be mostly guide by Vesna Kiradjieva, one of the top Macedonian athletes, six times national champion in marathon and former record holder in marathon, half marathon and 10.000m.

Would you like to see a specific part of the city, or just a long nature run? Contact us and we will make an arrangement:

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